Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things I love Today

The sun shining & beautiful weather /:/ Being back in my townhome at JMU (I've missed my room and MY BED) /:/ Reuniting with my roomies! /:/ Valley Church on Sundays /:/ Loving to watch some football! /:/ Having nothing to do /:/ My January mix on iTunes


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Thank You to Some Special People

This is a tribute to people who have been my rock through my growing up years... through high school... and are still there for me today. Thanks to the support from these individuals, I stay motivated and inspired to keep reaching higher and higher. I am truly blessed by these people, and they make me feel on top of the world. I am so fortunate to have these people in my life! "Remember the ones who love you" was my senior quote below my senior picture in the yearbook. Ms.Yorke, my Spanish teacher and Yearbook advisor, would say this a lot. It was something I always wanted to remember, which is why it was my senior quote!

I chose to use this picture with all of the hands in a circle and with my name in the middle as a symbol: I am a product of the love and support that these wonderful people have invested in me through the years. ---- "No matter where we go in life, we take a little of each other with us."

More to come when I graduate from JMU! I plan to add more people around this picture who I have met through my college years and had a significant impact on my life. <3

I am so fortunate

Today I woke up, and I knew that it was going to be a GREAT day- simply because I had made plans to meet with some wonderful people!

Visiting Granby...

This morning I went to my high school (Granby) and visited some of my favorite people! I intended to go today because I am doing an independent study next semester to develop a mentor program for students with learning disabilities. I was not quite sure what kind of information I would get, but I met with several faculty and learned a lot about the programs that are being implemented at Granby. Such an inspiration for my project and my career in the future. I am really looking forward to gathering information from a variety of resources and creating my very own program.

Lunch with Mrs.Prewett...

Next, I had lunch with my guidance counselor from high school, Mrs.Prewett. She has been a great mentor and support for me through the years, and I love coming home and letting her know all of the wonderful things I have been doing while at JMU. It makes me happy to show her that her hard work certainly paid off. She keeps me motivated to keep aiming higher and higher for success.

Visiting Mom's work...

Finally, I visited my mom's work. She works at a hair salon, and has been doing hair for about 40 years. I pretty much grew up in the beauty salon, as she started bringing me in there since I was an infant! Once I was able to walk and talk I would help out all the operators in there by cleaning their station and sweeping up hair. It was a great way to earn a little money so I could buy my own toys and candy and such. I always loved helping them, and this is probably where I developed the love to help others! A majority of the clients that get their hair done there have seen me through many stages of my life and have watched me grow into a young lady. It is always a pleasure to go in and see how they are doing. One lady, in particular, that I love to go see is Mrs.Salasky. She has known me for well over 10 years, and I have always admired her. She is so classy, beautiful, and thoughtful. I hope that as I grow older that I can grow to be like her.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If This Isn't love by Jennifer Hudson

It this isn’t love, tell me what it is
‘Cause I could be dreaming or just plain crazy
It this isn’t love, tell me what it is
‘Cause I never felt like this baby
If this isn’t love

L-O-V-E, what is in me
L-O-V-E, oh if this isn’t love
L-O-V-E, what is in me
L-O-V-E, oh if this isn’t love

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tough Decisions

I really despise tough decisions... Especially when you have to say "no" to an opportunity that you have looked forward to for years.

This decision is about classes I am taking this coming semester. I have to take 16 credits to graduate, but there is this one other class that I have always wanted to take. The problem is, it's 3 more credits to add to my class schedule, and my already busy life. Seems like it would be a common sense decision to make. If I used my head more than my heart, this decision would have already been made.

When it comes down to it, you really have to lay out all of your responsibilities and time commitments out on the table. Organize your life activities in order of importance -and don't forget to add time for yourself to the equation. I've definitely learned from past experience, that if you don't save time to take care of yourself, then you can't do anything else.

After writing this blog, I feel like I know what the right decision is... but I think I'm going to give it a few days and let my thoughts sink in. Hopefully with some time and prayer the decision will come to me.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Things I love today

The new Rihanna CD "Rated R" /:/ Hanging out with Emily and baby Tristan /:/ Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale <3 /:/ Watching the Kardashians (I have recently become addicted to watching them on E! since I have nothing else important to do over this winter break) /:/ Spending time with family /:/ Being 21 and finally going to the bar to get a drink whenever I feel like it /:/ Finding reasons to be happy :D


2010 - It's really here...

I am so excited for this year! I have so much to look forward to...

I have all of my graduate applications ready to be submitted and will be sending them before the end of this month. I am applying for school counseling, and I am so glad to have finally found something that would be a perfect fit for me! I have decided to apply to five schools: Radford, ECU, UGA, VCU, and ODU. I hope and pray that I get in somewhere, and will be keeping my fingers crossed...

I have also applied for the Peace Corps, just for fun. Not really sure if I really want to do it, but since you have to apply 9-12 months in advance, I figured who knows what I would be thinking by the time I would find out if I am accepted. So far I am on step 6 out of 9 (woohoo!) I have already passed so many steps, and am currently at the nomination step. I have been nominated to the Central/South America region. I picked this area as one of my top choices, because I want to go somewhere Spanish speaking! Me encanta la lengua de espanol y yo quiero practicar mas!!

I think I will probably hear from both Peace Corps and the grad schools around the same time. Depending on which path I decide to go down, this decision will have a significant impact on where my future leads. Such a scary but thrilling choice to make. I am so happy that I don't have to make the decision today, and instead, I can focus on other things... such as my final semester at JMU!

This semester is going to be great and filled with a lot of activities. I will be one busy lady, but staying busy is what I love and what drives me. However, I want to keep in mind my main focuses, and I have come up with four of them:

1) Keeping my classes first, and taking advantage of my last semester of learning at JMU.
2) Presiding over FORJMU and making sure that we put a lot of effort into our projects this semester. I am really looking forward to welcoming new members and bonding time!

3) Co-Leading an Alternative Spring Break trip to Los Angeles with my girl Jessie! We will be leading 10 participants and 1 JMU faculty member to LA where we will work with Aids Project Los Angeles (

4) Creating time for ME! I really want to save time to go to church on Sundays, go to UREC more regularly, and enjoy my busy life!

This is only half of my 2010 year! Who knows what will happen in the other half...