Monday, August 1, 2011


Beauty Behind the Barbed-Wire Fence

Your words are like a barbed-wire fence, painful to the touch, and intimidating to the eye.
I see you are protecting this inner beauty; I linger around because I cannot just pass by.

For I know this inner beauty; I’ve seen it several times before.
You were once open and inviting, and with every interaction, I desired more.

You see, I’ve never encountered a beauty so miraculous; it put me in a daze.
I became mesmerized by this new discovery, I was completely amazed.

I became carried away with your beauty, and I allowed my desire to evolve into a need.
I lived off of your joy and happiness, as it quickly became the source from which I would feed.

I became enmeshed in this fantasy that you and I would become one.
Before I realized it, I took so much from you, and then you were done.

I sit there in misery and shame, as I struggle to find the reasons behind.
I thought I loved you so much, I didn’t know I was really unkind.

As I lose a part of you, I am losing this part of me.
You see, I lost myself in you, and I failed to truly see.

Luckily, you had the strength to detach from my manipulative ways.
You were gone before I knew it, it must have been days.

The most painful experience has brought me the greatest teachings.
For one, looking within myself is the main source from with I should be reaching.

Another, before I can truly love someone else, I must learn to love myself.
And no, this is not something I just read in a book on the shelf.

You see, as I discovered my own inner beauty, I found a piece of me I find unique.
That is my motivation to strive to be the best person I can truly be.

This quality I carry inside pushes me to understand,
I’m working hard to get to know myself and the situation at hand.

As I look now at your barbed-wire fence,
I am more aware, although I feel very tense.

As I long for your beauty, I remember the past.
I can’t allow myself to fall into the daze quickly and fast.

I am cautious as I continue to desire your love,
I don’t want to hurt you again like I described above.

I have this faith deep down inside; that once our true, complete selves come to meet,
There's no adversity we cannot defeat.

This knowing is carved on my heart and cannot be erased.
So please, won't you, take advantage of this opportunity and not let it go to waste?

I’m not sure of the next right move, so I will linger in this moment as I wait for a cue.
I miss you darling. I hope one day you will take down your barbed-wire fence and show me the real you.