Sunday, March 14, 2010

University of Geogria

On March 1-3 I went on a 9 hour road trip down to Georgia with one of my close friends Mary Elizabeth to go for my grad school at the University of Georgia! Took the whole day to drive, but it was not bad... and besides- I love driving! We did not do much while we were down there, because the driving took a lot of energy out of us.

There was BEAUTIFUL weather both driving days, but the one day I had to drive to Athens/UGA... it was SNOWING! I could not believe it! I just could not get away from the snow. It made me nervous, since I have never been to UGA... I was so anxious about getting there on time. Luckily, I made it 20 minutes early! I was a little nervous before the interview, but once it got started I knew I was doing well. About one hour after my interview, I received a call from the program coordinator, and they offered me a spot in the program! I was completely blown away- I never really expected to get in. I considered it a far reach school. The whole day I could not stop smiling, it just felt so good!

They requested that I let them know as soon as possible, preferably as soon as right after Spring Break. I did some more research, looking at the finances and trying to see if it could be a reality I could handle. There are lots of factors to consider. On the plus side- the program is absolutely phenomenal, I love that they emphasize diversity and teamwork, and it is also in a great location. On the down side- out-of-state costs are extremely high, the distance from home, and it starts soon after graduation in May.

I was ready to make my decision before I left for LA, but I figured I should give it a week to sink in and digest my thoughts. I am planning to let them know my decision this week.

As far as other future options, I have not heard anything back yet from the Peace Corps or other schools... so I still have more to look forward to!