Friday, December 30, 2011

The Good-Bye

Yeah I’m feenin to get in; you’re just trying to push out
Always on a different page, that’s what we’re all about

Words left unspoken, making matters worse
Always something going on, it’s like our love’s a curse

Same shit, different day
It never seems to go our way

Who were you to think, that talking didn’t matter?
Maybe if I knew, we would’ve never shattered

Who was I to think, that I controlled it all?
Maybe if I chilled, we’d make it through the fall

We sit and stare at the clock, held on past our time
We have to move on now, there’s no option to rewind

Let the pain roll in, pouring through our souls
Nothing we can do now, we have to let it flow

Gut-wrenching, tear-jerking feelings come to surface
Pictures and letters in hand before the furnace

Caught in the moment, we begin to suffocate
So we fight the feelings with strong thoughts of hate

Fire blazing through our eyes,
Smoldering our image, as we say “Good-bye”

Yeah I’m feenin to survive; you’re just trying to find laughter
Now we’re both on the first page, but in different chapters

The hands of the same author writing out our lives,
This was just a rough draft, preparing us for the later prize.