Sunday, January 1, 2012

Finding the Way Back Home

I feel the power deep down in my soul
I am whole
I’m coming home
To the place I’ve missed for so long
It’s like that old familiar song

Oh what is wrong, my dear
Pick your smile up off the floor
It’s time to say no more
I’ve had enough
This road’s sure as hell been so damn rough
Tripping and falling over and over
I’ve sacrificed too much, now it’s time for closure

Who are you say
It’s not my day
I don’t deserve happy
Screw your misery, you’re way too sappy

You keep doing the same things over and over
Expecting things to change
You know it’s insane
Get on board a different train

Fight your fears
With every one of your tears
Flow with the currents of the ocean
There’s no magic potion
You are all you’ve got
Don’t forget what you’ve been taught
You’ll make it through this time
You’re no longer a mime
You’ve found your voice
Now it’s your choice

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